Three great ways to use Peg-it-all

“Storing is not one action; there are many different variations to this behaviour. In
our homes, we need spaces to keep things safely hidden away, but also to
gather and organise objects in the front of our minds, somewhere they cannot
be forgotten. It could be to ensure that your guests remember their coats in the
hallway, to plan an outfit in your wardrobe, or to organise all the things you and
your family will need for the day ahead.”

A versatile storage panel with near endless possibilities to use - we show you 3:

1. In your country house close to the entrance door to give your jacket, hat and bag a place after a walk in the field or a shopping trip to the local market.


2. In your room or hallway to keep your main clothing items organised and give them a home where they can't hide! You will never look for your bag again!

3. In the kids room - to keep all those jumpers, head phones, toys organised and in a place where you can find them again! The colourful pegs remind us of simple wooden toys - a playful & utilitarian addition to every kids room.