Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What is a pegboard?

Pegboard is a panel made from wood, metal, or other materials that has pre-drilled holes spaced evenly apart. Typically used to store or hang objects, a pegboard uses pegs (hooks) and other accessories to keep items accessible and organised

Do you make custom size pegboards?
Yes we do! Please get in touch on info@kreisdesign.com with your required size and we will send you a quote

What are the pegboards made from?
All of our pegboards and shelves are made from 15mm plywood - a very sturdy and solid material

Are the shelves connected to the pegs?
Yes, they are a solid unit and slots snuggly into the pegboard

Can I move the pegs and shelves around the pegboard?
Yes, the pegs and shelves can be moved around  your pegboard

How much weight can a peg take?
A peg can hold about 10kg 

How much can a shelf hold?
About 20kg

What is the diameter of the holes?
18mm (0 7/10") with a tolerance of +/- 0.4mm (0 0/10") 

What is the distance between the holes?
The distance between center hole to center hole is 80mm (3 1/10")

How are the pegboards fitted to the wall?
We use a unique panel mounting bracket called ButtonFix - screws and wall plugs are included in your order

What's the lead time?
We aim to despatch your order within 10 - 14 working days, if you need it quicker then please get in touch 

Can the pegboards be hung horizontally or vertically?
Yes, please select the option you require at check-out

Where can I get more shelves, pegs, etc?
Just follow this link and you can select various additional accessories for your pegboard

Can I use your pegboard accessories for my own pegboard?
You can, but please be aware that our 18mm diameter pegs have a +/- 0.4mm tolerance, so they might not fit perfectly if your pegboards holes are 18mm. We suggest to only drill the holes in your own pegboard once you have received our accessoires, e.g. pegs, shelves.
Please also note that our accessories are made for 15mm thick pegboards.

What is the wood finished in?
The pegboards and shelves are finished in a clear matt water-based varnish.
The pegs (solid beech) are treated with a wood oil 

Is the plywood sustainably sourced?
Yes, we only use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) labelled products

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we do! If you don't find the country in the list at check-out then please get in touch and we will send you a custom shipping quote. If you can't find your country then please email us on orders@kreisdesign.com

Can I pick up my order?
Yes, you can - please select the pick-up option at check-out. We are based in central London N1 0LE - UK

Can I return a pegboard that I no longer want for recycling?
Yes, you can - please get in touch here

Can I recycle the blue foam edge protection packaging?
The foam is made in South Wales from low density polyethylene 4 and is currently not recycled in the UK. If you would like to send it back to us, so we can re-use it then please get in touch orders@kreisdesign.com

Can't find the answer you are looking for?
Then please get in touch at orders@kreisdesign.com or call us on +44 20 7837 0820