Impression from Liberty's British Design Open Call on 30 August 2014

We joined the Liberty British Design Open Call to present our "Sketch" lamps to their expert panel of judges on Saturday 30 August 2014.
In a continual bid to recognise and support new and emerging design talent, Liberty was hosting its 6th British Design Open Call. It is a unique opportunity to present products directly to Liberty’s Managing Director, Ed Burstell, his esteemed buying team and industry experts.
The best designers selected by the judges will get the chance to have their products sold at Liberty, a name synonymous with the very best of new design since its doors first opened in 1875. Or as Oscar Wilde said: “Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper.”

Summery of the day:
12:00 Joined the queue
14:45 Around two corners, down the alley way and we are inside the building!
16:02 Arrive at the top of the stairs
16:45 Pitch to the buyers team
17:25 Pub - cold beer in hand :)

Joining the queue... midday

Grande dame of shopping!

Happy I brought my little stool, to give my feet a rest!

Queue around the second corner - I can almost see the door!

People are getting comfy & everybody is chatting - one big family of designers :)

Kyla from Foldability - coffee break

Nikki, Julie and Kyla

The whole day was filmed - out on YouTube soon....

Once inside the building - we waited on the stairs - 4 floors up to the top!

Nearly there - top floor - take your pick!

'Holding area' before the pitch presentation

Michele Rashman and Paula from Mouse to Minx having a chat about Pom-Poms and chairs :)

'Liberty's Den' - buyers listening to the pitch of designers - "Do they like it or not?" that's the question!

Liberty's buyer Bryony and Ellena with designer Paula from Mouse to Minx

End of an exciting, exhausting day at Liberty's British Design Open Call - chairs are stacked up.

I showed them my 'Sketch' lamps...

...and an idea for updating their lighting department.

Existing Lighting Department at Liberty's

My proposal suggests to create a frame and focal point to display their lighting range.

Good luck to all the designers who took part - nice to meet some of you!