Additional Shelves + Pegs for Pegboards

£1.50 GBP

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Additional Shelves and Pegs for Pegboards that can be added to your order.

Small: 12cm x 24cm  £15
Large: 12cm x 32cm  £18
The shelves come with 
We will match the material of the shelves (white or natural) to your pegboard

Peg 9cm, solid beech £1.50
Peg 15cm, solid beech £2.40 (ideal for shoes - see picture)
Peg 20cm, solid beech £2.80

Pegs round ends:
Peg round end (diameter 5cm) length approx 13cm £3.50

Other Accessories:
Peg with mushroom head: £2.20
Peg fitted with clothes peg: £3.00
Peg fitted with bull dog clip: £2.50
Peg fitted with glass test tube (mini vase) fitted with leather strap: £7.50
Wire basket copper finish W 33cm x H 20cm x D 19cm, comes with 2 x pegs to hang from pegboard

Note: all pegs are 1.8cm in diameter with a +/- 0.3mm tolerance