Accessories for Pegboards

We have a range of standard and bespoke accessories on offer for our bespoke pegboards. From custom pegs, shelves and boxes to shop fitting prongs and letters. All of the accessories can be customised in colour and size and can be adapted to your requirements.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more - just email Nikki

Painted black peg for pegboard by KreisdesignRound pegs painted black with custom colour pegboard

Coloured pegs

Shelf with acrylic lip to display cards, books, etc
Shelf with acrylic lip for displaying cards, books, etc
Wooden box with acrylic front for pegboards
Plywood box with acrylic front

Pegboard shelf with lip
Pegboard shelf with lip
Peg with bulldog clip for pegboardPeg fitted with bulldog clip
wooden pegs fitted with prongs for pegboards by Kreisdesign
Pegs fitted with white shopfitting prongs
Pegs with white and black tips for pegboards by Kreisdesign
Pegs with coloured tips in black or white
White metal rings on pegs for pegboards by Kreisdesign
Pegs fitted with white metal rings for display
Long wooden peg for pegboards to hang planters etc from pegboard by Kreisdesign
Pegs, long for display pegboard unit
Peg fitted with little vase for plant flowers on pegboards
Pegs fitted with test tube vase for flowers and plants
Wooden box in white plywood for pegboard
White plywood box for pegboard 

Plywood letters square for pegboards by Kreisdesign
Custom Plywood Letters for Pegboards
Plywood large letters for pegboards by Kreisdesign
Logo Letters cut from plywood and painted