Events with Pegboards

We make custom pegboards for events - they can be used as donut walls, or to display merchandise.
These pegboards are free standing with slot-on feet.
The pegboards can also be branded with customised with corporate logos or painted in custom colours.

We have some of these free-standing units for rent - please email to enquire to

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more - just email Nikki

Donut wall for foodie event by Kerb London by Kreisdesign
Donut Pegboard Wall for Event 
(Photo credit: Kerb Foods)
Free-standing pegboard wall for event to give out donuts
Free-standing Donut Wall
(Photo credit: Kreisdesign)
Pegboard wall free-standing for donuts with custom lettering
Large Custom Pegboard Wall in white plywood
(Photo credit: Kreisdesign)
White pegboard for donuts with bespoke black lettering and white pegs
Detail white pegboard with white pegs for donuts
(Photo credit: Kreisdesign)
Donut Wall corporate custom logo Universal TV
Pegboard Wall with Branded Corporate Logo
(Photo credit: Kreisdesign)
Slot on feet for freestanding pegboard wall in white birch wood
Slot-on Feet for Free-standing Pegboard Wall
(Photo credit: Kreisdesign)

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