Offices with Pegboards

Pegboards can add a versatile display area in an office environment. We have installed them in lobbies to display the companies work or in meeting rooms as a backdrop for presentation posters or in tea kitchens to hold mugs, coffee etc.

The pegboards can be made to measure and come in our standard birch plywood, white face plywood or painted in a custom colour. If you would like to add your brand logo we can also print it onto the pegboards.
There are endless possibilities to create your own custom style for your office project!

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more - just email Nikki


Office bespoke pegboard in plywood by Kreisdesign
Office Fit-out with Pegboards by YourStudio
(Photo credit: YourStudio)
Custom pegboard for a telephone room in an office by KreisdesignOffice Fit-out with Pegboards by YourStudio
(Photo credit: YourStudio)
Large custom pegboard wall in an office by Kreisdesign
Meeting Room with Pegboard Walls
(Photo credit: YourStudio)
Pegboard in a meeting room by Kreisdesign
Office Meeting Room
(Photo credit: YourStudio)
Pegboard wall in white for an office lobby in Soho London by Kreisdesign. Architects: Universal Design Studio
Office Entrance Pegboard Wall
(Photo credit: Universal Design Studio)
Office wall fit-out with plywood pegboards for a design office in France - made by Kreisdesign
Pegboard Wall in an office in Paris
(Picture credit: Extia France)

Tea Kitchen in Office, Norway
(Picture credit:

Office Entrance, Norway
(Picture credit:

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