Retail with Pegboards

Below you will find some examples of shop fitting projects we have created custom pegboard systems for. The pegboards are used to display merchandise and help to create a unique style of visual merchandising.

The pegboards are used to display homeware, plants, trainers or clothes and more. The flexibility that comes with pegboards means that you can re-arrange the shelves and pegs endlessly. One can created a new layout for the shelves and pegs for every season or launch of a new collection.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more - just email Nikki


Pegboard wall for Orla Kiely Pop-up shop

Orla Kiely Store

Kreisdesign pegboard in white plywood for geo-fleur plant shop
Plant Store display pegboard

socks display on white pegboard on wooden pegs fitted with prongs - clothes shop
Luna & Curious Store display
Bags and socks display on white faced birch plywood pegboard by Kreisdesign
Luna & Curious Store display with bags & socks on pegs with prongs

Hoos Homeware store Glasgow with Kreisdesign natural birch plywood pegboardsHoos Concept Store in Glasgow
(Picture credit: Hoos)

Concept Store, Berlin

Intruders store Soho London Trainer wall with Kreisdesign pegboardsIntruders Store, London Intruders trainer display wall with Kreisdesign pegboards
Intruders Store, London

R M Williams store display with Kreisdesign pegboards in natural birch plywoodR M Williams Store, London

Custom double-sided pegboards for a store concession

Custom white pegboard for a flower shop including shelves - made by Kreisdesign
Plant Shop Display Pegboard

Display Pegboard in White Faced Plywood

Bike Shop in Oslo

Kreisdesign pegboard made from OSB chipboard
Pegboard made from OSB chipboard for a charity shop

Crisis charity shop london featuring Kreisdesign pegboards made from painted white OSB chip board pegboards with deep shelves and long pegs
Crisis Charity Shop, Islington

freestanding pegboards by kreisdesignFreestanding pegboards on castors
White birch plywood

Black faced birch plywood pegboard for a homeware store with candles, cutting boards and tea towels hanging from wooden pegs
Homeware shop in Brighton display pegboard in black birch plywood
Black faced birch plywood pegboards for a homeware shop by Kreisdesign
Homeware shop display pegboard in black faced birch plywood

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