Additional Shelves + Pegs for Pegboards

£1.50 GBP

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Additional Shelves and Pegs for Pegboards that can be added to your order.

Small: 12cm x 24cm (natural or white)
Large: 12cm x 32cm  (natural or white)

The shelves come with pegs fitted.
We will match the material of the shelves (white or natural) to your pegboard

Peg 9cm, solid beech 
Peg 15cm, solid beech  (ideal for shoes - see picture)
Peg 20cm, solid beech 

Pegs round ends:
Peg round end (diameter 5cm) length approx 13cm 

Other Accessories:
- Peg 9cm with mushroom head
- Peg fitted with clothes peg
- Peg fitted with bull dog clip
- Peg fitted with glass test tube (mini vase) fitted with leather strap

- Wire basket large, black matt finish W 32cm x D 24cm x H 16cm, comes with 2 x pegs to hang from pegboard 
- Wire basket small, black matt finish W 28cm x D 20cm x H 16cm, comes with 2 x pegs to hang from pegboard 

- Box in natural plywood W 32cm x D 12cm x H 8cm
- Box with acrylic front in natural or white plywood: W 32cm x D 12cm x H 8cm

- Plywood ring for plant pots - internal diameter 8cm - fitted with a peg to slot into pegboard 

- Shelf with 2 x recesses for plant pots, jar, etc W 24cm x D 12cm 
- Knife holder for kitchen pegboards 
- Utensil holder for kitchen pegboards 

all pegs are 1.8cm in diameter with a +/- 0.4mm tolerance

Please note that if the total weigh of your accessories order is over 2kg, then we might have to adjust the shipping cost. Please get in touch if you would like a custom shipping quote.